1. Cold starters

Fresh vegetables with herbs and homemade sauce

Lightly salted mackerel

Homemade cured slabs of fatback

Meat platter

Chicken liver pate with croutons

Traditional vorschmack

Assorted spreads with croutons

Pickled suillus

Pickles vegitables

Tomatoes in fresh three-day marinade

Fresh vegetable salad with Kakhetian oil

Cucumber salad and radish and sour cream

Olivier salad

Dressed herring

Smoked egg with halibut and horseradish sauce

Different bruschettas with fish

Clupea with boiled potatoes and pickled onions

2. Hot dishes

Royal ukha with vodka

Red borsch with beef and beans

Stuffed chicken drumsticks


Beef stroganoff

Fried Black Sea кed mullet

Pork pastrami with baked potatoes

Baked potato

Baked buns stuffed with mushrooms

Baked buns stuffed with egg and green onions

3. Bread

Borodinsky bread


4. Dessert

Seasonal fruits

Countryside apricot pie

Rum ball

Mini medovik

Сhocolate sausage

Number of guests: 20


54 000

Food per person

Total per person

1 628 gr.

2 700