1. Cold starters

Fresh vegetables with hummus

Spicy eggplants

Sweet tomato caviar

Carrot puree with hot peppers

Baba ghanoush with olives

Traditional hummus

Sweet pepper hummus

Pumpkin hummus

Basil hummus

Beetroot hummus

Dried chickpeas with spices

Vegetable chips

Classical lemon tabbouleh

Sprouted lentils with oranges

Brevaty - buns stuffed with greens

2. Hot dishes

Couscous with tomatoes, spinach and almonds

Couscous with herbs

Vegetarian soup with chickpeas and cumin


Spicy lentils with vegetables

Vegetable tagine

3. Bread


Barley flat bread

4. Dessert

Fruit plate


Chocolate mini-cake

Apple-carrot mini-cupcakes

Date sausage with pistachios

Gozinaki with pistachios and peanuts

Coconut condensed milk

Homemade jam

Dates in chocolate

Coconut cream with orange jam

Number of guests: 20


46 000

Food per person

Total per person

1 556 gr.

2 300