1. Cold starters

Fresh vegetables with tartar sauce


Large marine platter

Salmon tartar

Nicoise salad with tuna

Green salad with rapani and tahini

Bruschetta with spinach and lightly salted salmon

Bruschetta with smoked сoho salmon

Bruschetta with white fish

Shrimp in a glass

2. Hot dishes

Seafood with potatoes and corn

Andalusian пazpachowith shrimp

Seabass with ptima, pumpkin and zucchini

Grilled salmon steaks

Spinach with cream

3. Bread



4. Dessert

Fruit plate

Mini-orange pie

Mini cheesecake

Fried plums with cream

Mini shoo-cakes

Number of guests: 20


96 000

Food per person

Total per person

1 594 gr.

4 800