1. Cold starters

Fresh vegetables with greens

Pickled vegitables "Caucasian"

Phali made of spinach, pepper, eggplant, beets 6 pcs.

Homemade cheeses

Eggplants with nuts

Cold lobio

Satsivi with chicken

Fresh vegetable salad with kakhetian oil

Meat platter - chicken roll with apricots, boiled tongue, baked veal

2. Hot dishes

Megrelian khachapuri — double

Lobiani Rachuli with ham

Hachapuri with smoked cheese

Kharcho with beef

Khinkali with meat

Khinkali with salmon

Khinkali with potatoes and cheese

Khinkali with mushrooms

Lamb dolma with matsoni

Hot lobio with red beans

Grilled vegetables

Lamb lyulya

Pork kebab

Chicken kebab

Baby potatoes with green tkemali

Lamb flesh kebab

3. Bread

Matsoni with herbs


Homemade adzhika by Lia Tabatadze

4. Dessert

Fruit plate

Mini medovik

Home matsoni with jam and honey

Churchkhela with walnuts and hazelnuts

Shoo-cakes Tbilisi-style

Home baklava

Number of guests: 20


56 000

Food per person

Total per person

1 585 gr.

2 800