Middle East

1. Cold starters

Fresh vegetables with a croissant

Cucumbers with matsoni and zhug

Lebneh with zaatar and mint

Baba ghanoush with olives

Cheese cream with harissa and pomegranate

Traditional hummus

Sweet pepper hummus

Pumpkin hummus

Salad with oranges and olives

Beetroot hummus

Classical lemon tabbouleh

Salad with halloumi and fennel

Green salad with rapani and tahini

Sprouted lentils with oranges

2. Hot dishes

Thin flat bread with lamb and hummus

Thin flat bread with calamari and tomato

Couscous with tomatoes, spinach and almonds


Chicken tagine

Vegetable tagine

Lamb and vegetables tagine

Seabass with ptima, pumpkin and zucchini

3. Bread


Barley flat bread


4. Dessert


Date mini-pie with caramel

Orange mini-pie

Tangerine pastila


Mini baklava

Assorted cookies

Number of guests: 20


50 000

Food per person

Total per person

1 430 gr.

2 500