1. Cold starters

Fresh vegetables with homemade smoked sauce

Sandwich with smoked salmon and cheese

Tortilla with ham and feta

Pinchoes with pork and spicy oil

Vegetable chips

Caesar salad

Salad with salmon, baby potatoes and cream horseradish

Salad with tomatoes, onions and rusks

Salad with pork and savoy cabbage

Coleslaw with winter vegetables

2. Hot dishes

Chicken and mushroom pie

Classic Burger

Homemade hot dog

Baked potato

Spinach with bacon in cream


Mussels with wine and herbs

Flank steak with сhimichurri sauce

Pork tenderloin with maple syrup

Chicken wings in glaze

Salmon steaks

3. Bread



4. Dessert

Fruit plate

Mini cheesecake

Number of guests: 20


68 000

Food per person

Total per person

1 460 gr.

3 400