Catering "Fabrika" - Lunch

The minimum order is 5 lunches.

Vegetarian dinner

Ajapsandali, vegetarian chickpeas soup with cumin, vegetable sarma and thin flatbread with salt

440 ₽

Fish dinner with soup

Fresh vegetable salad with kakhetian oil, fish soup with fried mackerel, pike and carp cutlets with horseradish puree and borodino bread

590 ₽

Meat lunch with olivier salad

Olivier salad farm-style with sausage, lentil soup with smoked meat, potatoes with veal and lavash

390 ₽

Meat lunch with beefaroni

Traditional hummus, beef soup, beefaroni and a thin flatbread with salt

590 ₽

Mushroom dinner with beef stroganoff

Vinegret with suillus mushroom, green borsh with beef, beef stroganoff with buckwheat and pita bread

490 ₽

Mushroom dinner with potato cutlets

Cold red bean lobio, mushroom soup, potato cutlets with mushrooms and lavash

490 ₽

Chicken lunch with noodles

Three-day marinaded tomatoes, chicken noodle soup, chicken hearts in sour cream, mashed potatoes with baked garlic and pita bread

490 ₽

Chicken Lunch

Salad with chicken liver, light zucchini cream soup with croutons, chicken chahokhbili and lavash

490 ₽



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*The minimum order is 5 lunches.